Association of Intelligent Transport Systems, India, New Delhi   2009-2010                                                                                 Was responsible for and involved in (1) Making DPR for "Traffic Information and Management Control Centre" for city of Bhopal and Indore. (2) Developing TOR for "National ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Framework with ITS Core Group. (3) ITS Capacity Building in India. (4) Developiong proposals for, use and promotion of Non Motorized Vehicles, need for Parking Policy in urban areas and pilot project for setting up TIMCC.

Bhimani and Company, Ahmedabad   2007 

Involved in assessing the damage to the road (GSHP- 9A), due to heavy rains and floods, from the site observations and claim report submitted by the contractor, Agarwal JV, to Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology The Netherlands   2006
The research was aimed to develop policies that would help attain the road transport policy goals (accidents, traffic flow and pollution) with the implementation of “Advanced Driver Assistance System” mainly Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Adaptive Cruise Control and Longitudinal Collision Avoidance as policy options. The conflict in the implementation of these technologies is that it has positive impacts on the road traffic system but at the same time there are various uncertainties surrounding the implementation as they are new technologies. Hence adaptive policies were developed that would deal with these uncertainties and accelerate the implementation.
Also published two papers as first author related to the above mentioned research.

System Design

Arya Architects, Ahmedabad   2008
The project is aimed at developing the guidelines for a pharmaceutical company ‘Panacea Biotec’. The guidelines will help the client in campus development from an infrastructure level, e.g. – Vehicular and pedestrian circulation, water supply and drainage, Storm water harvesting, landscape design, lighting, emergency responses, etc, .to building level looking into the design guidelines, services of the building and interior design.

Tourism and Conservation

Amrut Gajjar and Associates, Ahmedabad   2007
Prepared Initial project proposal for Tourist Information Centre for the city of Jagannath Puri, Orissa, India. The main objective of the proposal was to establish an efficient network of information for tourists, which would allow quick and easy access to required information as well as promote the heritage and cultural image of the city.

Jain Associates, Ahmedabad, Gujarat   2000
Worked on the conservation of Nagaur Fort Project Was responsible (1) to study the ancient water supply system of the fort build in 1700 A.D. and applying the basics of Hydraulics to find the buried water tanks, water channels, fountains, main supply lines, etc. and linking it with existing system to reach to a conclusion and understand the water supply system that existed. (2) Conservation of palaces, inner fort wall, and other buildings. (3) Documentation

Disaster Management

EPC, Ahmedabad   2002
Involved in identifying, documenting, and mapping building types and its outline, and land use pattern in city of Bhuj, Gujarat, which existed before earthquake. The documentation was used to prepare the redevelopment plan for Bhuj.

Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority, Gandhinagar, Gujarat   2001
Photographing Bhuj and surrounding villages to review the progress work after the earthquake concerning issues like rebuilding of houses, livelihood, living conditions, education, health services and small scale industry.

Involved in building huts from cane and bamboo for immediate and temporary accommodation for a village community in the earthquake affected area of Kutch, Gujarat.    2001


EU-India eSafety Cooperation, June 2006, Brussels
Urban Transport Conference, July
2006, Prague
ITS Congress, October
2006, London






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