ITS Congress 2006 


Dealing with Uncertainties in implementing Intelligent Speed Adaptation and Adaptive Cruise Control: An Adaptive Policymaking Approach


V. D. Mehta, W.E. Walker, V.A.W.J. Marchau and D.B. Agusdinata

Location and Year

13th ITS Congress, October 2006, London


Proceedings of 13th ITS Congress – paper no. 2035


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can contribute to attaining road traffic goals. However, their implementation is impeded by uncertainties about their performance and driver acceptance. Traditional policymaking identifies a single static policy that is robust across plausible scenarios. However, if the range of assumptions about the future turns out to be wrong, there might be large negative consequences. We describe an alternative ‘adaptive’ approach that overcomes shortcomings of the traditional approach, allowing adaptations over time as knowledge about ADAS accumulates and critical events take place. The approach is illustrated with adaptive policies for Intelligent Speed Adaptation and Adaptive Cruise Control.

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