After all the analysis done before and listing the opportunities and the threats in he  process of introduction of Sustainable Building following strategies could be implemented.

  • Multi Issue Game- as there are too many actors involved in the process and they possess different behaviour in the process, so it is very difficult to have the participation and co-operation from all the actors. To have the participation of all the important actors this strategy is introduced.
  • In this case of sensitive issues where there are chances of conflict and not reaching consensus, such strategy should be adopted in which the sensitive issues are given low priority and other issues are given higher priority.
  High priority Low priority
High stake   END
Low stake START  


  • Go an extra mile with the loser and compensate them – as a problem owner should compensate and try to go along with  loser, so that you can have the support of the loser when required, in the case when that actor becomes powerful in some time in the process.
  • Create incentives for the opposition – when the opposition is strong and doesn’t want to reach to consensus incentives should be given to attract the actor and to attain its co-operation in the process.
  • Make every actor ware in the process, when one actor doesn’t want to negotiate, so that you have an upper hand in the process and can give the reasons for using command and control over the actor to reach to a decision.
  • Reducing learning opportunities – By adopting this strategy, it would help to have less opponents as when the actor doesn’t have much information about the issue then they would easily accept your deal and would also make it possible for you to use command and control in the process at important issues in the process of decision making.
  • Use command and control when negotiations fails in the decision making process – This is an opportunistic strategy to use command and control when the negotiations failed because of too much opposition and all the actors are given a chance to decide on their own an reach consensus. Hence you can use command and control in decision-making process.
  • Find explicit actors - Finding an explicit actor and who has explicit power for co-operation that would help you to reach decisions. With this actor you can have a strong position in the decision-making and also can create good cop and bad cop situation, which would help to reach the decision making in the process.







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