Actor Analysis 

The actor analysis would help to list the actors involved in the process and what are their objectives, interests (related to SB) and what instruments they have that can contribute to the implementation of SB project. This would also give the problem owner the idea about the actors involved in the process and further help to identify their behaviour during the process of implementaiton.

List of Actors Objectives Interests Instruments
 Ministry of housing, spatial planning and environment
(Problem owner)
 To develop a coordination of all actors for the SB implementation on the large scale. Also to have a competitive market in the SB implementation  The improvement of the environmental conditions in the Netherlands.

Power (policy & regulations)



 Ministry of Finance   To have an efficient SB implementation with less financial assistance.  To have a balanced annual national budget.  Power (financial investment and/or assistance)
 Financiers/investors  Less risky conditions for investment.  Higher return on investment.  Power (financial investment)
 Environmental agencies  Efficient and effective use of resources, processes and its wasters in all phases of SB projects.  Low environmental hazard in the building process.  Knowledge (Public opinion)
 End-users  Pleasant living conditions and environment. Inexpensive housing  Good quality of life  Public Opinion (demand power)
 Municipalities  To develop sustainalble urban space  Preservation of the urban space for the benefit of society.  Power (local regulations) Information and knowledge
 Material Supply companies  To have sustainable market, in the sense of their product and the continuity of their industry.  Return on investment  Power (supply power)
 Professionals  To have a sustainable design and product that meets the cost, time and performace requirements.  To get as many projects for SB development.  Expertise
 Developers  To gain maximum profit in the process of SB project.  Large net profits  Market connections Information
 Service providers  To provide new services considering SB projects.  To get as many projects for SB development  Expertise


Core Values of the Actors

Core values would be more or less different between parties and it is considered as their reason for existence. Hence, to have a successful implementation of process management, these values must be taken into deep consideration before going to further steps in the process. Hence the core values are identified in the table below.


Actors Core Values
Ministry of housing, spatial planning and environment (problem owner) Successful implementation of sustainable building project
Ministry of Finance Balanced budget
Financiers/Investors Profit
Environmental Agencies Improvement in environmental conditions
End users Affordable price and easy to use
Municipalities Good living environment for citizens
Material Supply companies Continuing business
Professionals Independence in working method and design
Developers Continuing business
Service providers Independence in working method and profit







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