System Dynamics Modeling
Proposal: Developing strategies & managing water supply in Azag(gazA) strip

System Dynamics philosophy is been used to gain an understanding of how the water system of Azag Strip (fictitious country) functions from 1975 onwards, and how a sustainable development could be apply for it’s future.

A number of assumptions and simplifications of Gaza Strip current situation made of this Case, an illustrative example of how managing the water supply over the medium term can create alternatives for a sustainable development of a country. In here, some trends were anticipated as the domestic, industrial and agricultural water demand, the quality and quantity of the groundwater resource, the growth of the population and the allocation of land for different sectors. This made of Azag Strip a complex and dynamic system for which some policies must be implemented in the coming years that guarantee their maintenance as a stable system in benefit of their citizens.

The structure of the following report is made considering the model steps of System Dynamics method, which are: Conceptualization, Specification, Testing and Use. The objective is to qualitatively describe, study and analyze Azag Strip, which facilitates a quantitative simulation modeling and analysis for the design of system structure and control. At the end, some conclusion and recommendations are taken into consideration after the understanding of the system behavior.






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