Project Management 

Organization Breakdown Structure

For the proposed project the organization structure is shown below. There are three level of hierarchy. The project team consists of 5 members, one project leader and 4 team leaders. Under each team leader there are 3 system and policy analyst. 

Responsibility for each level is given below:

  • Level 1 - Project Leader: He would be the overall in charge of the project and he has to consult with all the teams that are involved in the project.
  • Level 2 - Team leader: The team leader is the in charge of the team and has to coordinate with the system analyst and the policy analyst present in the group. He is responsible to address the result of his team to the project leader for the task he has been allocated from higher level. He has also to interact with the team leaders of other groups.
  • Level 3 - System Analyst and Policy Analyst: They are responsible to work as per the task allocated to the team along with the other members of the team.

 Work Breakdown Structure

The work break down structure of the project can be seen in the link below. Shown are list of tasks with their respective team responsible for each task and the deliverables of the project.

Work breakdown structure

Project Schedule and Communication

The Gantt chart is show in the link below. Shown are timeline for the tasks, the dateline for each report, and the meeting schedules. We have planned 5 meetings in the project life, where  1st meeting serves as the kick off meeting.

Gantt chart


Cost Breakdown Structure

The total cost for the project is: € 3,477,359/= (three million four hundred and seventy seven thousand three hundred and fifty nine euros). The link belwo shows the detailed cost break down structure. The term of payment is:

  • 40% (€ 1,390,943.40) before the kick-off meeting
  • 20% (€ 695,471.70) submitted after the solution alternative report is submitted.
  • 40% (€ 1,390,943.40) after the final report is submitted.

Cost breakdown structure







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