Description of the problem

The Hague and Rotterdam are among the big and important cities in the Netherlands and as well in the world. The Hague is named to be an administration city in the Netherlands since most of the governmental and international issues and offices are settled there. On the other hand Rotterdam is business city and possessing the 4th largest harbour in the world. The two cities had been growing as their importance had been growing too. The expansion of the two cities simply implies the growing of population, economic activities and as well administration activities. The two cities are close enough that people can live in either city and work in another city. The growing of the population, economic activities due to development of Rotterdam port, administration activities and human activities has lead to need of fast transport means whether is public or private. A13 is the only direct highway that links these cities. Hence there has been increase in congestion along the highway as the time has passed.
However the problem didn’t start today. People had been kept driving with congestion. Various reasons exist for this and some are:

  • Despite the problem people have to travel between the cities for various activities including employment. Thus because of the need to travel people are forced to travel.
  • Privacy issues. People are deciding to drive despite the congestion due to keep their privacy instead of using public transport.
  • People were taking the problem too much for granted and thus become used to it. They end up with define the case to be a usual thing forgetting the problems happen due to congestion or heavy traffic.
  • Lack of knowledge on the environmental issues and the effect of the burned fuels on the environment.
  • Taking the accident as a common issue or reflecting to other causes.
  • People might sometimes use the congestion problem as a reason to hide their planned agenda such as arriving late at the work places

Problem Complexities

A problem can have all or some of the three kinds of complexities namely political complexities, technical complexities and social complexities. Since congestion means more cars on the road the following are the negative side effect reflects these complexities:

  • The more the congestion means too close distance between cars while driving. This leads to more exposures/chances to accidents (technical and social complexities)
  • As commonly known cars use fuel as source of energy. The exhausting of combusted fuel to the atmosphere pollutes the environment. Congestion will mean the cars spend more time on the road and so more pollution to the environment. (all three types of complexities)
  • As the congestion will be increasing more time will be taken. Time is also a necessary resource in human daily activities. Loosing time on the road will be problem to employers, employee, etc. (Social complexities)
  • More time on the road means more use of fuel for the car. This means more cost to drive. Problem to citizens. (Social complexities and technical complexities)
  • If the above problem will not be taken care, will imply that there will be problems in Economic (societal welfare) growth in future. (Social complexities)

Dynamic nature of the problem

From the complexities mentioned above indicate that the problem is serious and need to be solved. This study will look the way(s) that the problem can be solved. The problem influences many stakeholders. These stakeholders have different interests on the problem. The problem influences human conduct relating to political, economical and social issue.
Accidents, environmental pollution and deterioration of human activities due to congestion will affect and reduces the trust of people to the government responsiveness. Thus politically affected. Because of congestion people will be late to their working places, they will use too much fuel and thus too much cost. This will automatically affect economy of these two cities. Environmentalists and society in general are against the pollution and accidents.

Problem Statement (Research Question)

The problem involves two cities with different municipalities and so calls for the central government to link them. This study will consider the Ministry of Transport, Public Works, and Water Management to be the problem owner. The problem owner is looking to a good policy on the problem and at the same time keeping his position responsive and as well maintaining the good relation with other actors. The minister will be looking to how his/her ministry could facilitate efficient and fast means of transport between the two cities. At the same time he/she will be looking for such solution knowing that the congestion problem in A13 is not the only key factor to consider but also how the decision will influence the future position of his government in the municipalities (politically), future status of economy and also the future implication of the solution to the environment. The study defines the problem to be:
“How to dissolve the transportation problem between the two cities while keeping the environmental, economical and political statuses attractive?”






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