A Case study in Policy analysis

Congestion problem between the The Hague and Rotterdam

Policy analysis is an approach that uses scientific methods to solve problems. The approach is suitable in problems that involve many stakeholders (multi-actor problem) with different perspectives to the problems. Thus these stakeholders have different interests to the problem and probably prefer different solutions to the problem.

The purpose of the project was to develop a proposal by apply the theoretical knowledge of policy analysis into research (case specific) and develop a policy addressing the specific issue . The policy was developed addressing the problem of congestion which was severe on A13 highway connecting Hague and Rotterdam. The policy was designed, for reducing congestion and improving traffic flow, reducing pollution, and improving safety and travel time. Policy Analysis was done considering the multi-actor setting in decision making and uncertain (external) factors (of the system) like economical development, demographics, fuel price and technological advancement. Project management for developing the policy to reduce the congestion on A13 highway is also done.







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