Potential solutions & Action plan 

Potential solutions
The alternatives would help to recover the morphological and ecological balance of the Venetian lagoon by reducing the flood frequency.

  1. Construction of buoyancy gate system (flood barriers), that would stop the sea water to enter the lagoon during hide tide. The considerations to be taken during implementation of the gate system would be its adverse effect on marine life, also the commercial traffic needs to be managed during the construction and it requires high investment.
  2. Regulating the industrial emissions and promotion of green technology.
  3. Research into effective dumping techniques and replacement of fossil fuel.
  4. Land use planning - locating industrial area away from the city area.
  5. Transport planning - shifting commercial transport from waterways to land.
  6. Dams can be constructed on the river to reduce erosion.

Knowledge gaps
Lack of information will be defined as knowledge gaps that is needed for the solving of the problem.

Technical Knowledge Gaps:

  1. Hydrological knowledge of the lagoon: It is required to know the storage capacity of the lagoon and the main supplies of fresh water with their amounts, and the amount of Adriatic Sea supply. This will mainly help to identify some information required for the design of the gate system.
  2. Hydrogen infrastructures: it's necessary to know where to reduce fossil fuel consumption, which leads to increase the amount of CO2. Research is required on how can hydrogen fuel replace fossil fuel and how much would it be effective, considering both economical and environmental aspects.

Economical Knowledge Gaps:

  1. Are other alternatives for transportation like pipelines and roads feasible? This will affect the design of the gate system.
  2. How problem owner can guarantee that the gate system will lead to growth of local economy?
  3. How to make this project more attractive for investors?

Environmental Gaps:

  1. How will the gate system affect the marine life and its environment, the erosion process and the living conditions?


Action plan
Identifying the research questions, making project schedule, budget and work packages. This would take the project to the implementation phase.






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