Structuring and analyzing the problem
After the objective is identified by the problem owner(municipality of Venice), the problem is structured and analysed using the knowledge aids and insight gained from the generated models.


Evaluation of analysis and reformulation of the problem
Because of the geographical location of Venetian lagoon i.e. between Italian mainland and Adriatic Sea, it has to deal with increasing number of floods that occurs because of increase in sea water level as a consequence of global warming. This floods phenomenon occurs often, and causes the deterioration of the city and the lagoon. This causes erosion to the lagoon and increases water pollution. The erosion happens because of mixing of salty water of the Adriatic Sea and fresh water from the lagoon causes lagoon's morphological. This also damages monuments and historical buildings, and surely affects the architectural value of the Venice, which has its own importance. Air and water quality is been affected because of excessive toxic discharges and industrial emissions and also salinity of water affects the quality of water.

What could be the promising strategies for the next 50 years for mitigating the deterioration of Venice and it's lagoon caused by the floods and pollution while maintaining the economical benefits from industries and tourism?, was our key question for the construction of scenarios, and after this task we found that the first measure that the problem owner must take is to identify robust solution against the increase of floods occurring since past decades. This natural phenomenon is increasing erosion in the lagoon, creating morphological imbalance, and also damaging the city, it's historical buildings and heritage monuments.

From the actor and network analysis we have found that most of the actor's and stakeholders' interest lies in controlling the floods and pollution in the area. These phenomena affect all the actors causing damages on their economies, changing their living conditions, environment, heritage, and causes uncertainty of their future.


After the analysis the problem definition is reformulated. The flood phenomena, is responsible for deteriorating the living conditions of the citizens, causes the imbalance of the lagoon, causes damages to the local economy and also lower the architectural value and historic importance of the city.
The problem should be delineated, to protect the Venice and its lagoon from the increase in flood and pollution.






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