Vishal Mehta is a System and Policy analyst, with interest in urban systems and focus on urban transport. Since 2005/06 he has been researching and consulting in area Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and how ITS applications with the use of information and communication technologies, can be useful tool to deal with the current issues of existing urban transport system in India. He has worked and researched on few ITS applications, like Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Adaptive cruise Control, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems, Automated Fare Collection System, Automated Parking Management Systems, Travelers’ Information System, etc., which can help to manage the current urban traffic scenario. Currently he is researching on (1) How ITS applications can be enabled through "Traffic Information and Management Control Centre" for a city and how this centre would help in managing the urban traffic and transport system.  (2) On setting up ‘National ITS Framework’ as a policy for implementing ITS in India. Alongside transportation he has worked in other sectors of urban environment like tourism, disaster management and climate change.


Skills: Policymaking & Analysis, Planning & Public Policy, System:  Design, Analysis & Management, Research 

Interested in: Intelligent Transport System, Urban Transport, Public Transit System, Transport Modeling, Water Supply and Reuse, Waste Management System, Feasibility Study, Cost Benefit Analysis, Scenario Analysis and Forecasting, Stakeholders’ Analysis, Impact & Causal Analysis, Photography and Graphic Design.

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